Wednesday 20 September 2023
Global 200mm fabs to reach record high capacity by 2026, says SEMI
Semiconductor manufacturers worldwide are projected to increase 200mm fab capacity by 14% from 2023 through 2026, adding 12 new 200mm fabs as the industry reaches a record high of...
Thursday 17 August 2023
Wolfspeed expects rising costs amid SiC production expansion
Wolfspeed, one of the leading providers of silicon carbide chips, posed a worsening operating and net loss for the latest quarter. The company expects rising costs due to factory...
Thursday 6 July 2023
Renesas and Wolfspeed enter 10-year SiC wafer supply agreement
Renesas and Wolfspeed announced on July 5 the execution of a wafer supply agreement and US$2 billion deposit by Renesas to secure a 10 year supply commitment of silicon carbide (SiC)...
Friday 9 June 2023
Why prominent power semiconductor manufacturers race to gain a presence in China
The recent partnership between STMicroelectronics and China-based Sanan Optoelectronics is the latest case showing the European automotive supply chain is striving to gain a presence...
Monday 5 June 2023
Foxconn camp launches Taiwan's first homegrown 8-inch SiC substrate: Q&A with Taisic Materials chair
Member firms of the Foxconn (Hon Hai Precision Industry) camp have completed their initial deployments in the third-generation compound semiconductor SiC (silicon carbide) field,...
Thursday 4 May 2023
Wolfspeed and ZF plan for a joint SiC research center in Germany
Wolfspeed and ZF, a leading supplier of electric drives, is planning for a silicon carbide (SiC) research center in Nuremberg, Germany, aiming to improve the system design, module...
Thursday 27 April 2023
Wolfspeed posted 22% growth in sales, begins delivering 200mm SiC substrates
Wolfspeed posted a growing revenue and a widening loss. The US-based silicon carbide (SiC) substrate supplier also announced it had shipped its first 200mm SiC substrates from its...
Friday 31 March 2023
Samsung said to directly develop 8-inch process for GaN, SiC devices
Samsung Electronics reportedly will directly migrate to 8-inch process for third-generation semiconductors SiC and GaN devices now under development by its power...
Wednesday 8 March 2023
China supply chain players see little impact of Tesla SiC cut
Though taken aback by Tesla announcing a 75% cut in SiC demand for its future vehicles, China's SiC substrate suppliers including SICC and Tony Electronic have indicated their production...
Tuesday 7 February 2023
IDMs keen to launch SiC power chips and modules for EVs
As SIC power chips are increasingly applied to EV inverters, many IDMs are not only expanding production capacity but also keenly launching products and solutions to meet robust market...
Thursday 2 February 2023
Wolfspeed to build its first European SiC fab with ZF's investment
US-based SiC and GaN technologies provider Wolfspeed announced on February 1 a plan to build its first SiC fab in Europe. The project, which aims to start construction this year,...
Thursday 2 February 2023
Wolfspeed Silicon Carbide devices power future Mercedes-Benz Electric Vehicle platforms
Wolfspeed today announced the company will be supplying Silicon Carbide devices to power future Mercedes-Benz Electric Vehicle (EV) platforms, enabling greater efficiency in the powertrain...
Tuesday 27 December 2022
Eris Tech to transform into III-V power IC backend house
Power diode specialist Eris Technology is looking to expand its Si and SiC MOSFET backend business at its new production capacity that will come online in 2024 to meet demand for...
Thursday 22 December 2022
IDMs migrating to 8-inch fabs for SiC, GaN components production
With third-generation compound semiconductors SiC and GaN increasingly used in power devices for electric vehicle (EV) and server applications, international IDMs are actively migrating...
Wednesday 14 December 2022
Jaguar TCS Racing reveals I-TYPE 6 – most advanced all-electric Jaguar race car ever
Jaguar TCS Racing has today revealed the Jaguar I-TYPE 6, designed and engineered to compete for the 2023 ABB FIA Formula E World Championship, as the innovative all-electric motorsport...
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