Wednesday 20 September 2023
With stock market listing in October, Coplus aims to become "Apple of car mods"
Coplus has long been known as the "Apple of automobile lighting mods" with its industry leading design and R&D capacities. With V2X connectivity on the rise, Coplus plans to build...
Tuesday 19 September 2023
Honor's chip design subsidiary sees registered capital increase eight-fold
Honor is seen by the outside world as Huawei's 'alter ego.' In the past few years, while Huawei experienced a significant decline in the Chinese smartphone market, Honor quickly rose...
Tuesday 19 September 2023
As Taiwan subsidizes smaller IC design companies, industry eyes followup policies
In a recent announcement, Taiwan's Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) says it will allocate NT$800 million (US$25 million) from its budget to subsidize R&D efforts at small and...
Monday 18 September 2023
Can generative AI shorten China's IC design learning curve? Q&A with UC Berkeley Prof. Alberto Sangiovanni-Vincentelli (Part 1)
Alberto Sangiovanni-Vincentelli, professor and Edgar L. and Harold H. Buttner Chair of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department at the University of California, Berkeley,...
Friday 15 September 2023
Implications of latest merger between Taiwan and Canadian IC distributors to IC design industry
When the world is de-globalizing, it is the best time for Taiwan to re-connect to the global market. When a Taiwan-based IC distributor is moving toward the European and American...
Friday 15 September 2023
IC design houses aware their Chinese customers look to adopt homegrown chips
IC design firms are aware of a rising pattern of Chinese clients shifting orders to domestic competitors in favor of homegrown chips, according to industry sources in Taiwan.
Friday 15 September 2023
While IC design houses stride forward into a new era
After the year 2020, there was a significant drop in merger and acquisition activities within the IC design industry, while a notable increase occurred in cases of IC design companies...
Thursday 14 September 2023
Maxeda Technology: utilizing AI technology to optimize chip layout design, enhancing chip design efficiency and performance
With the rapid development of various digital innovations such as Generative AI, the demand for high-performance chips in the market has surged dramatically, leading to increased...
Wednesday 13 September 2023
Taiwan initiates 10-year chip-driven innovation project to attract global talent, startups
Starting 2024, Taiwan will implement a 10-year chip-driven industrial innovation project aiming to attract young talent and startup teams from around the world to set up operations...
Tuesday 12 September 2023
MediaTek sees August revenue hit 5-month high
MediaTek has reported August revenue climbed about 33% sequentially to a five-month high of NT$42.26 billion (US$1.32 billion).
Tuesday 12 September 2023
Will Taiwan IC design houses gain from China iPhone ban?
The extent and impact of China's prohibition on the use of iPhones in the public sector remain unclear. It will certainly negatively impact iPhone sales in China, but Taiwanese IC...
Thursday 7 September 2023
PC chip order visibility to improve, say IC design houses
With PC vendors such as Dell issuing optimistic forecasts, IC design firms anticipate an improvement in order visibility from the PC industry, which means performance in the second...
Wednesday 6 September 2023
IC design houses expect demand recovery in 2H24
IC design houses are bracing for a particularly weak second half of 2023, but expect customer demand to recover substantially in the second half of 2024.
Tuesday 5 September 2023
IC design houses cautious about placing new orders for wafer starts
Taiwan-based IC design houses tend to exercise caution when it comes to initiating new orders for wafer starts, due to concerns regarding the current demand situation, according to...
Tuesday 5 September 2023
Chinese IC design firms continue to support domestic manufacturing
Chinese IC design firms continue to aggressively promote the strategy of pursuing domestic manufacturing while competing on price, still posing a threat to their fellow Taiwanese...
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