Monday 18 September 2023
Fujitsu combines quantum-inspired technology and AI in business applications
In a recent interview with DIGITIMES Asia, Fujitsu Executive Director of Strategic Alliance Unit Taisuke Iwai finds digital annealing is the game changer in the field of quantum co...
Tuesday 12 September 2023
Quantum startup IonQ seeks scale-up and control solutions in Taiwan to overcome challenges
Quantum computing, often considered the next frontier in computing technology, has garnered immense attention in recent years. While giants like Google and IBM have made significant...
Thursday 7 September 2023
Inaugural quantum forum at Semicon Taiwan highlights new tech apps, future development pathways
The inaugural Quantum Taiwan Forum, held on the opening day of SEMICON Taiwan 2023 running September 6–8 at the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, gathered experts from Fujitsu,...
Wednesday 16 August 2023
UK quantum encryption startup explores opportunities in Taiwan, collaborating with RISC-V vendor Andes Technology
UK-based startup Crypto Quantique specializes in quantum encryption technology and focuses on the semiconductor and Internet of things (IoT) industries. It has recently shown interest...
Thursday 10 August 2023
US limits outbound investments in semiconductors, AI, and quantum tech in China
The Biden Administration announced an executive order to require investors to receive approval before investing in China's sensitive tech sectors, such as AI, semiconductors, and...
Monday 10 July 2023
Taiwan enhancing semiconductor ecosystem, expecting IC output to top NT$6 trillion by 2030
Taiwan's annual semiconductor output value is projected to surpass NT$6 trillion (US$191.45 billion) by 2030 from NT$4.2 trillion estimated for 2023 for a double-digit CAGR during...
Tuesday 4 July 2023
It is built, but will they come? Taiwan's Academia Sinica quantum research base hungers for tech talents
Academia Sinica, Taiwan's top research institution, along with the National Science and Technology Council (NSTC) and the Technology Division of the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA),...
Monday 3 July 2023
Quantum Foundry selects Veeco MBE systems for quantum computing applications
Veeco Instruments recently announced that the company has received an order for multiple GEN20 molecular-beam epitaxy (MBE) systems from Denmark-based Quantum Foundry Copenhagen....
Friday 30 June 2023
South Korea invests big aiming to become major quantum powerhouse by 2035
The South Korean government plans to collaborate with enterprises to invest over KRW3.0 trillion (US$2.3 billion) in the field of quantum science and technology by 2035, aiming to...
Wednesday 21 June 2023
Japan accelerates quantum computing hardware and applications progress
Compared to Europe and the United States, which announced the earliest commercial quantum computers in 2011, or China, which announced the progress of quantum computers in 2017, Japan...
Friday 16 June 2023
Intel's latest quantum chip marks progress in silicon qubit strategy
Intel announced the release of Tunnel Falls, a 12-qubit silicon chip, fabricated on 300mm wafers in Intel's D1 fabrication facility in Oregon, US. According to Intel, Tunnel Falls...
Friday 16 June 2023
Intel begins sending silicon quantum chips to research community
Intel released its quantum research spin qubit chip for researchers to directly control the hardware and acquire more practical knowledge about the quantum chip as Intel persues quantum...
Wednesday 7 June 2023
China telecom operators keen to invest in quantum computing R&D
State-run China Telecom has announced on its official WeChat account that it will invest CNY3.0 billion (UD$421 million) to establish the China Telecom Quantum Information Technology...
Tuesday 6 June 2023
US-Taiwan tech collab can go beyond semiconductors and into quantum and net-zero
With the US-China tech war raging on and companies like Micron caught in the crossfire, how should the government address semiconductor R&D and talent planning in response to...
Thursday 4 May 2023
US foundry SkyWater expands engagement with PsiQuantum to develop silicon photonics-based quantum computer
US-based SkyWater Technology, a Category 1A Trusted Foundry accredited by the Defense Microelectronics Activity (DMEA) under the US Department of Defense, announced on May 2 that...
2023 Supply Chain Summit
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