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DIGITIMES' startup database is a platform for connecting startups to ICT industries. DIGITIMES has devoted itself to giving the world insights into the ICT ecosystem for more than 20 years, and it has connected itself to massive resources and connections in the ICT industries, including 90,000 readers on our Chinese website and another 70,000 from around the world for our English website. Startup teams joining the startup database platform will find themselves in more prominent positions in the ICT world that will enhance their business developments and opportunities.

When you are part of our startup database, DIGITIMES readers may be able to see your innovations, which will increase your chance of connecting with big companies.

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Looking for startups?
Information about accelerators and incubators from Taiwan and around the world that are mentoring startup businesses and teams. All mentors are welcome to register their info - free of charge.
Extensive coverage of latest developments of startup teams, innovative technologies and applications from Taiwan, Asia and around the world.
Major events, including those organized by the government, DIGITIMES, and others, featuring startups, innovative technologies and products from Taiwan, Asia and around the world.