Tuesday 11 July 2023
MIH platform structure and development
There are 14 working groups in MIH. By organizing its members into working groups based on area of expertise, MIH looks to consolidate the resources and accelerate the realization of software-defined vehicles (SDV). MIH has designed a software architecture that accommodates all types of software and hardware platforms and simplifies automotive software development.
Wednesday 5 July 2023
Statuses of Japan 5G network deployment
Based on DIGITIMES Research's studies on Japan's 5G network rollout and applications across different frequency bands, the deployment of mmWave remains challenging and its population coverage is very limited at slightly above 0%.
Friday 30 June 2023
Global smartphone industry, 1Q 2023
Entering 2023, most countries worldwide, especially emerging markets, are still struggling from high inflation and see weakening consumer demand as a result. DIGITIMES Research estimates that global smartphone shipments slipped 13.2% on year to come to only 264 million in the first quarter of 2023 and will witness an on-year decline of 6.4% to reach volumes of 257 million units in the second quarter.
Thursday 29 June 2023
Notebook shipment update, May 2023
The global top-5 notebook brands, not including Apple, saw their combined shipments rise over 30% on month in May, while the top-3 ODMs together also achieved a similar shipment growth thanks to a recovery in North America's and Europe's education sectors and vendors' keen price cuts on older-generation consumer models for clearing up inventory.
Wednesday 28 June 2023
Server showcase at Computex 2023
Computex 2023 was hosted at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center from May 30 through June 2 and DIGITIMES Research paid a visit to the show to survey and outline the trends that new AI servers showcased at the event feature including the increasing popularity of models powered by Nvidia's HGX H100 among the suppliers; AI servers with PCIe support trending toward high-density and high-application-flexibility development; servers powered by Nvidia's GH200 boasting the best performance running Nvidia's Large Language Model (LLM) and Nvidia's release of MGX reference server designs.
Wednesday 21 June 2023
Autotronics Taipei 2023 showcases
After surveying and analyzing the showcases at Taipei AMPA & Autotronics Taipei 2023 and E-Mobility Taiwan 2023 held in mid-April, DIGITIMES Research found that this year's event had a growing number of high-voltage silicon carbide (SiC) semiconductor applications that significantly boost electrical vehicle (EV) efficiency, while the development of automotive electronics including mmWave radars, head-up displays (HUDs) and rear seat entertainment (RSE) systems are targeting mainly high-end applications.
Friday 16 June 2023
Statuses of India telecom industry
India, with nearly 800 million 4G subscribers, began its deployment of the 5G network in the fourth quarter of 2022 with the country's top two telecom operators – Reliance Jio and Bharti Airtel (Airtel) – separately announcing plans to achieve full 5G coverage nationwide by the end of 2023 or at the end of first-quarter 2024.
Thursday 1 June 2023
China smartphone market, 1Q 2023
Smartphones shipped to the China market shrank to only 62 million units in the first quarter of 2023, down 12.4% sequentially and 7.2% on year, but the volumes in the second quarter are expected to stay at about the same level as in the first.
Tuesday 23 May 2023
Statuses of Japan IC substrate industry
As IC packaging trends toward high density and multiple layers, IC substrates that use Ajinomoto Build-up Film (ABF) as an insulation material (also called ABF substrates) are gaining market attention. Japan was once a major IC substrate provider, but Taiwan has overtaken its market share.
Wednesday 17 May 2023
Notebook shipment update, April 2023
The global top-5 notebook brands, not including Apple, saw their combined shipments slip around 30% from a month ago in April because of a high comparison base in March hiked by the brands' robust short-term orders.
Monday 15 May 2023
Global tablet market, 1Q 2023
First-quarter 2023 global tablet shipments came to only 29.44 million units, declining 17% from the prior quarter and 8% from the prior year as the market entered the traditional slow season; however, with brands' robust short-term orders, the volumes will only drop less than 1% sequentially in the second quarter.
Friday 12 May 2023
China smartphone industry, 1Q 2023
Smartphone shipments by the Chinese brand vendors are expected to slip 13.2% sequentially and 17.1% on year in the first quarter of 2023; however, their shipments are expected to make a recovery in the second quarter, stimulated by robust demand from shopping festivals, with an on-year decline to shrink to less than 10%.