Thursday 14 September 2023
Global high-end AI server shipments
In response to explosive generative AI and large language model (LLM) demand, major cloud service providers and leading server brands are stepping up efforts toward AI servers, with a focus on ramping up their procurement of high-end AI servers featuring accelerators with high bandwidth memory (HBM) integrated.
Friday 8 September 2023
Status of global wafer foundry industry, 2023
The global foundry industry's combined revenues in 2023 are expected to shrink more than 10% on year after a growth of nearly 30% in 2022.
Friday 25 August 2023
South Korea K-Network 2030 strategy (Part 2)
South Korea's K-Network 2030 strategy aims to strengthen and upgrade the country's network infrastructure while developing energy-efficient and fail-proof systems with upgrading the backbone network being one of the major tasks.
Monday 21 August 2023
Tesla Gigafactory plan and Taiwan suppliers
Tesla is shifting its EV investment and market focus toward North America amid the US-China tension.
Thursday 17 August 2023
China smartphone market, 2Q 2023
Second-quarter 2023 smartphone shipments to the China market came to 62.8 million units, edging upward 0.6% from a quarter ago and decreasing 2.2% from a year ago.
Wednesday 16 August 2023
Notebook shipment update, July 2023
Notebook shipments of the global top-5 brands dropped sharply from a month ago due to their brisk performance in June.
Tuesday 15 August 2023
China smartphone industry, 2Q 2023
Second-quarter 2023 smartphone shipments by China-based smartphone vendors exhibited a 7.4% on-quarter growth but a 6.1% on-year decline, and volumes will enjoy single-digit growths quarterly in second half of 2023.
Thursday 10 August 2023
Taiwan notebooks, 2Q 2023
Global notebook shipments were up 20.9% sequentially and down only 5.5% on year in the second quarter of 2023, but the volumes are only expected to stay flat in the third quarter and dip a single-digit percentage in the fourth quarter.
Friday 4 August 2023
Global server market, 2Q 2023
Global server shipments slipped 5.7% sequentially in the second quarter and are likely to see only single-digit on-quarter growth in the third quarter due to brand vendors and CSPs both turning conservative toward the second half of the year, even though the new mainstream server CPU platforms are ready for supply.
Thursday 3 August 2023
Japan semiconductor equipment export control
The Japanese government on May 23 announced to impose export restrictions on 23 items of semiconductor manufacturing equipment, effective July 23. Although the list includes various equipment, Japan is more likely to control the export of photolithography or thin film deposition equipment for advanced processes.
Thursday 27 July 2023
Generative AI, LLM, and AI servers
Demand for generative AI (Gen AI) and large language model (LLM) is rising rapidly, driven by the emergence of ChatGPT, a chatbot developed by OpenAI. For their large scale as well as the massive data sets and resources required to train LLMs, cloud service providers (CSP) are generally adopting the method of combining inference and prompt engineering for their AI solutions to support clients' customization needs.
Wednesday 19 July 2023
South Korea K-Network 2030 strategy (Part 1)
South Korea released the K-Network 2030 strategy in February 2023, aimed at building state-of-the-art communication networks and making South Korea an ICT and Internet superpower, and DIGITIMES has studied the strategy to find out what the country is eyeing to do for the next several years.