Thursday 2 March 2023
Auto lighting industry and Taiwan players
With smart auto lighting becoming a trend in the automotive market, LEDs are being widely used in auto lighting products, replacing ones with conventional halogen and xenon thanks to LEDs' higher brightness and longer lifespan.
Friday 24 February 2023
Statuses of handset EMS providers in India
Taiwan-, China-, US- and India-based EMS providers have varying manufacturing capabilities in India and are making different handset products.
Wednesday 22 February 2023
Taiwan companies in charging pile industry
Taiwan-based EV charging pile supply chain players are expected to see enormous business opportunities in the upcoming years thanks to governments worldwide pushing to end gasoline car sales.
Friday 17 February 2023
Notebook shipment update, January 2023
Global notebook demand remained feeble in January 2023 with the top-5 brands, not including Apple, and the top-3 ODMs all experiencing weak on-month and on-year shipment performances.
Wednesday 15 February 2023
China smartphone market, 4Q 2022
Smartphone shipments to China increased by over 20% on quarter in the fourth quarter of 2022 thanks to Single's Day promotion campaigns and vendors' preparation for the Lunar New Year holiday demand. However, the volumes will slip by almost 15% sequentially in the first quarter of 2023 as sales begin to plunge after the holidays.
Tuesday 14 February 2023
EV Watch 1Q23: Foxconn possesses 4 key abilities in EV manufacturing
Foxconn possesses four fundamental abilities to make EVs, including overseas production implementation, supply chain management, large-scale production and system-level solutions.
Monday 13 February 2023
Global tablet market, 4Q 2022
Because of the weak economy and consumer confidence, tablet brands will continue to scale back their shipments in the first quarter of 2023 with overall volumes estimated to decrease by 20% from the prior quarter.
Friday 10 February 2023
China smartphone AP shipments, 4Q 2022
Application processor (AP) shipments to China-based smartphone vendors amounted to 137 million units in the fourth quarter of 2022, down 24% sequentially and 20.3% on year, and will experience another double-digit decline in the first quarter of 2023.
Thursday 9 February 2023
Taiwan notebooks, 4Q 2022
Taiwan makers' combined notebook shipments in the fourth quarter of 2022 were weaker than DIGITIMES Research had anticipated, dropping 16% sequentially, slightly higher than that of the global total, and down over 40% on year.
Tuesday 7 February 2023
China smartphone industry, 4Q 2022
China-based smartphone vendors shipped a total of 150 million smartphones in fourth-quarter 2022, growing 6.6% from a quarter ago but plunging 21.4% from a year ago and the volumes are expected to continue to slide from a year ago in the first quarter of 2023.
Monday 6 February 2023
Global server market, 4Q 2022
Fourth-quarter 2022 global server shipments declined 7.1% from the prior quarter and 4.3% from the prior year and the volumes are expected to decline further by over 10% both on-quarterly and on-yearly in the first quarter of 2023
Wednesday 18 January 2023
Global smartphone industry, 3Q22
Third-quarter and fourth-quarter 2022 global smartphone shipments are expected to have come to 277 million units and 311 million units, respectively.