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    KKFARM is a direct investment firm established by KKBOX Group dedicated to invest and empower the next wave of music artists, businesses and cultural brands through a hybrid mix of venture capital funding and technology aided by analytical business and data intelligence.





    We Provide


    Venture Investment

    Get Smart Money Without Losing Control

    KKFARM provides capital funding for new dimensional music businesses. From early start ups to established labels, we hope to accelerate the growth of new content and business models for music in the 21st century. We focus our investments on empowering highly functional lean-structured music brands.




    Business and Data Intelligence

    Unprecedented Data Insight to Guide Your Business

    KKFARM provides new data analytics and artificial intelligence workflow known as the R.A.D.A.R (Reactive Analytical Data A&R) methodology that redefines A&R and strategic marketing in the digital age. This allows music businesses to find a better positional advantage while targeting audiences, especially in the Greater China region.




    Global Distribution

    Sell Your Music to the World and Keep 100% of Your Copyrights

    KKFARM’s digital music distribution platform, Soundscape, services some of the biggest names in Mandarin music and delivers to all of the world’s major music streaming platforms, providing our clients with performance analysis and a flexible and efficient royalty distribution system.

  • Investment Team

    We're on a mission to supercharge your music business

    Kai Huang

    Co-Founder, President


    Kai Huang is a serial entrepreneur with over 20 years experience in the mobile and technology industry. He is also the co-founder and former CEO of mobile app company, EzMoBo. He joined the KKBOX Group in 2016 as the Co-Founder / President of KKFARM.





    Terence Leong



    Terence Leong is a music producer and former record executive behind the success of multiple major recording artists, labels, brands, and feature films throughout multiple Asian markets for almost two decades. He co-founded KKFARM and has been with KKBOX Group since 2015.




    Tiff Wang



    Tiff Wang has over 20 years’ experience in the media and entertainment industry spanning business development, channel management, content production and integrated, digital marketing. Prior to joining KKFARM, she was Director and Business Head of Sony Pictures Television, Taiwan and previously led the Asia media teams and channels for Sports, Entertainment and Finance at Yahoo Inc. She previously served as Senior Assistant Vice President at Eastern Broadcasting Corporation (EBC) and was formerly Digital Director at Universal Music.

    Jaeson Ma

    Senior Advisor


    Jaeson Ma is the co-founder of multi-platform digital media company, 88Rising. He also founded international talent management and production company East West Artist (EWA). More recently, Jaeson co-founded Stampede Ventures with Greg Silverman and as an investor, Jaeson is a venture partner with GoodWater Capital & Puji Capital based in Northern California and Hong Kong respectively.





    Joanna Huang

    Senior Advisor


    Joanna Huang is a Chinese music industry veteran who has made critical contributions to the Chinese music market in the past three decades. She has previously served in senior positions in Polygram Records, Universal Music China, EMI China, Leo Burnett and Gold Typhoon. She has a vast and deep experience in A&R and integrated marketing for boosting the careers of many top-tier artists in China including Jolin Tsai, Daniel Chan, Peter Ho, Ronald Cheng and the multi-platinum debut of Jacky Cheung.


    Meindert Kennis

    Senior Advisor


    Meindert Kennis is a online marketing and brand strategist from The Netherlands. He is also former CMO of Spinnin’ Records (2008-2018) and was an integral figure responsible for the growth and innovation strategy of the iconic music brand. During his tenure at Spinnin’, he created multiple brand extension platforms such as Spinnin’ Sessions, Spinnin’ TV and Spinnin’ Talent Pool Platform. He also led Spinnin’s entry into China where he set up the Spinnin’s marketing department for Greater China in 2015.

    Po Chang Wu

    Senior Advisor


    Pochang Wu founded Taiwan’s largest indie music online store iNDIEVOX in 2008 and also the former CIO of Taiwan's largest indie-artist online media platform, StreetVoice. He is also lead singer/guitarist of one of the most prominent indie-rock band ECHO. He joined the KKBOX Group in 2016 and is an active member of the regional blockchain community.

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